Problems when germinating hemp seeds

Germination of hemp seeds is a very important stage in the further formation of healthy and strong plants, so the process must be approached as carefully and carefully as possible. In this article, we will discuss how to act in order to avoid the sad consequences and minimize the percentage of losses.

Seed germination process

First, a little about germination methods. As a rule, the seeds are first placed in a container with water with a neutral ph level of 6.0 – 7.0 and stored at room temperature for a short time (from several hours to a day). During this period, the seeds swell a little due to saturation with moisture and begin to wake up. Sometimes a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (2-3 drops per glass) is added to the water in order to avoid collision with dangerous microorganisms that contribute to decay. Then the nuts are placed to sprout between two sponges or cotton pads soaked in clean water and placed in a vacuum container or ziplock bag. The germination process usually takes from a day to several. When a sufficient length (1-2 centimeters) of the root appears, the seedlings move into the substrate, moisten and begin to fully grow and develop.

However, embryos often have difficulties associated with release from the seed coat, which can cause not only stress, but also the death of babies. They can appear at different stages and for various reasons, both at the stage of primary soaking, and during germination directly in the substrate. The main ones are:
– Immaturity of seeds;
– Damage to the seed coat;
– Incorrect or too long storage of hemp seeds;
– Problem with water penetration into the seed, lack of moisture;
– Failure to comply with the basic rules for germination.

What if the seed does not open at all?
Some seeds, when ripe, accumulate a sufficiently large amount of calcium, which makes their structure very dense and strong. This prevents the process of soaking the shell and water enters in insufficient quantities, which does not allow the embryo to develop. In this situation, various mechanical methods of opening will come to the rescue, such as: grinding, scarification (cutting) or complete splitting.


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The first method is to sand the shell that is too dense with sandpaper. In this case, problem seeds should be placed in a small container (for example, a matchbox), pasted over with sandpaper from the inside, and shaken for a minute or two to exfoliate the rough surface of the seeds. You can also carry out this procedure manually with each nut separately. The access of the life-giving liquid has been simplified and now you can germinate seeds in any classic way.


Can be done using a variety of techniques and tools. You need to carefully scrape off the long edge of the seed with a blade on the side where it looks coarser (also called the ridge). The incision must be made at an angle of 90 degrees – in this case, the ridge will come off simply and the risk of damaging the embryo will be small. Another way of scarification is to lightly trim the sharp tip of the seed (it is important not to confuse it with a more rounded “bottom”). The seed is fixed with tweezers or fingers, and with the help of a blade or small forceps, its tip is delicately removed. Everything is ready for further germination, and moisture can now freely flow to the embryos.


This method requires special skill and accuracy, since a little more force when pressed will certainly damage such fragile insides of the seeds. Splitting is done with forceps, although you can do it with your teeth, just like with regular sunflower seeds. It is required to press on the seed very smoothly until a characteristic light click, after which they need to be thrown into the water for a couple of hours according to the classics, and sent between raw sponges into a ziplock until full awakening.

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